How to Cast a Water Magic Spell

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How to Cast a Water Magic Spell
Fire magic can often steal the show—between fire ceremonies, lighting candles and burning incense & sage, magic can seem fire-centric sometimes. But water magic is equally effective, and often provides a deeper connection to the divine feminine. Water magic is especially appropriate for emotions and matters of the heart. If you are looking to conjure some love magic or even a spell to heal depression or grief, water magic may be the better choice.


Living in a coastal city, we can take advantage of being close to the ocean. Water is the predominant element on the planet, covering nearly all of its surface. The Pacific Ocean is a vast body of water, and it lands right at our front door. We can use the magical potency of such a massive natural presence to make our wishes and dreams come true. Here’s a simple water magic spell you can try the next time you’re at the beach this summer. 


To start, be aware of the Moon’s phase as that will determine what type of spells are favored. The Moon’s phases are always important to consider when performing any type of magic spell, but it’s especially so when utilizing the ocean in your work, since the cyclical tides are ruled by the Moon.
A New Moon is the ideal time to plant the seeds of your intentions for the coming lunar cycle, especially for starting new projects or setting fresh goals. When the Moon is waxing, attraction spells—for calling in more love, money or health—are at their most effective. The Full Moon is the best time to add extra power to any ongoing spells. The Full Moon is the mid-point of the lunar cycle, so it’s a time to reflect on the goals you set at the New Moon and determine if you need to give your existing spells more power or revise them in some way. At this point in the month, you should be considering how to complete your spells, rather than starting new ones. When the Moon is waning, banishing spells are most powerful. Use these last two weeks of the month to cast away negative habits, situations or relationships.  
Once you know what phase the Moon is in and what type of spell will be favored, then search the shore for a seashell. With a substance that will easily wash off in water, draw a symbol of your desire on your chosen seashell. The best option is to use sand: you can wet a handful and drip it off your fingers if you’re dexterous enough, or you can just cake some dry sand onto the shell and then use a stick to carve your symbol onto it. Alternatively, you can use food: a condiment like ketchup or mustard will do just fine.  
What should your symbol be? Keep it simple. For love, try a heart. For money, try a dollar sign. For luck, try a four-leaf clover. Be creative but don’t complicate it.  
When the shell is ready, place it on the shore where you know the tide will pull it away. Kneel before the shell and pray to the goddess of Moon and Sea. Thank her for the abundance of the sea, for the life-giving powers of the ocean.  Ask that she send her tides to accept your seashell offering, and grant you a wish in return. As you pray, visualize the outcome you desire as if it’s already a reality. Visualize with all senses, imagining how it would feel, sound and smell to have the love, money or luck you want. Dwell in the feeling of satisfaction for your desires being met. 
When you’re done imbuing your intention on the seashell through prayer and visualization, draw a triangle in the sand around the seashell, sealing your spell.  
As soon as you’ve sealed the spell, leave the area immediately. Know that the tides will take your spell into the heart of the ocean along with your message to the goddess. 


Usually, this spell takes up to 28 days to complete, or a full lunar cycle. Though if you’re able to cast your spell on the first night of the New Moon, you can boost the odds that you’ll receive your outcome by the Full Moon. These are rough guidelines and should not be strict expectations. The amount of time it takes for your spell to manifest depends on how big and practical or impractical your request is, whether or not it aligns with the universe’s plans, and whether anyone else’s free will is working against you or not. Take all of these factors into consideration before setting your expectations. 


Remember that magic cannot defy the laws of nature. Magic is about utilizing the laws of nature and working harmoniously with them. This spell’s power derives from aligning yourself with the monthly cycle of the Moon and the daily cycle of the tides. By placing yourself at the intersection of these cycles, you access a combination of forces that can materialize your dreams before your very eyes. In many traditions, the ocean is honored as the great mother who birthed our species, so she is recognized as the single most creative force on the planet. Take advantage of living next door to her by casting this water magic spell the next time you find yourself taking a cool dip on a hot day. 

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