Protection Magic Spell

Protection Magic Spell

Here is a simple but effective protection magic spell. If you are feeling unsafe, in danger, or threatened in anyway, use this spell to create a power object that will keep you from harm. 


You’ll need a piece of obsidian. Find one that looks appealing to you and then hold it in your left hand against your belly. If it feels good, ask the stone if it wants to work with you. If it still feels good, bring the stone home. 


Now gather a black candle, three sticks of Dragon’s Blood incense, a glass bowl or cup of water, and some salt.  


Begin your ritual by creating a magic circle. You can do this by Calling in the Four Directions with an offering of sage, tobacco or juniper, or by performing the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram.  


Light the black candle and the three incense sticks. 


With your right hand, wave the obsidian over the candle’s flame. Ideally, it’s best to wrap the stone in copper wire so that you can suspend the obsidian directly over the candle flame without burning yourself. But if you can’t do that, just quickly pass the stone over the flame a few times. Make sure the fire directly touches the stone, but be careful not to burn yourself. 


As you pass the obsidian over the flame, say aloud, “I consecrate this stone with Fire.”  


Then, wave the obsidian through the smoke from the incense while saying aloud, “I consecrate this stone with Air.” 


Next, set the obsidian inside the bowl of water so that it is submerged completely. Say aloud, “I consecrate this stone with Water.”  


And finally, sprinkle some salt into the bowl, making sure it get some on the stone. Say aloud, “I consecrate this stone with Earth.” 


Pick the stone up out of the water bowl. Hold it in your right hand against your belly. Close your eyes and visualize a sphere of protective white light encircling you. As you inhale, visualize this sphere of light getting stronger, and as you exhale, visualize a beam of energy shining directly into the stone. 


Say aloud, “I imbue this stone with the power to protect me from those who wish to do me harm. I imbue this stone with the power to shield me from misfortune. May this stone watch over me and keep me from all danger. So must it be!” 


To complete the spell, take a deep final breath and then blow onto the stone. The spell is now cast. The stone is ready to be worn as an amulet or carried in a medicine pouch or mojo bag. 


Let the incense burn out naturally. Let the candle burn all the way, going out on its own without interruption. When the incense sticks and candle are all finished burning, take the water in the bowl and pour it outside your front door or around your property.

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