Self Love and The Glow Scrub

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Why is our glow scrub loved by all? Because it has a natural aphrodisiac in it called Amber. Amber is added to our scrub as an essential oil and the scent will stay with you all day! This scrub was even recently featured in Nylon Mag’s top picks (@nylonmag) ! Not only is the aroma good at attracting love, using the scrub is an act of self love which is a ritual that you can use to manifest love. In the class I teach called, Conscious Relationships, we spend the first ¾’s of the class talking about self love and healing the most important relationship we have in our lives, the one with ourselves. The oil and sugar in the scrub will make you feel like royalty and give you some extra mojo. Remember to set your intention to love yourself and attract love when you use the scub!


We see this concept of self love blasted throughout Instagram and the reason it’s so popular is because as a culture, we are realizing that we can be more conscious with how we think about ourselves and how we treat ourselves. We don’t have to allow ourselves to drink so much that our body hurts the next day. We don’t have to work so hard that we don’t have time to exercise or eat. Most importantly, the relationship we have with ourselves will be mirrored back to us in our reality. If we put low quality food into our body, it says, “I kind of care about you.” That’s exactly how people will treat you. But if you treat yourself like your best friend and like a temple so you don’t have to have a massive hangover or stomach ache from eating the wrong things (you gluten or dairy sensitive people know what I’m talking about) then people will start to treat you really well.


You may also fall in love with our newest scrub the 'Pumpkin Chai' which is a very special product connected to the diety Oshun. Pumpkin is a sacred food to this diety who is the goddess of love and fortune. You can use this scrub to bring in the intention of attracting more love and fortune. Pumpkin also helps stimulate your sacral chakra which is where all your creative energy and the flow of intimacy lives. Love doesn't have to only be romantic. Oshun, the African goddess of love is also the mother of fresh water. You can call upon her to protect the scarce fresh water resources on our planet that so many right now are dedicating their time to salvage at Standing Rock. Ask her to help us all open our hearts to more love for the planet and realize that water is life. We are 80% water and less than 0.02% of water on the planet is unsalted and drinkable.


The little tools we offer here at House of Intuition can create a lot of positive momentum in your life. We help you become empowered in your relationship with yourself so you can take care of yourself physically through reiki, herbal teas and yoga and then on a much deeper emotional level. When you learn to meditate, read books about intention and start to see that you’re attracting what you’re focusing on and how you treat yourself, your whole life will shift. So whether it’s a Glow Scrub, a salt bath or a rose quartz, these messages of self love are energetically blueprinting Mr. or Mrs. right. As you listen to the messages of self love and heal from your higher self with our mediation tools of incense and candles, you will grow into a stronger happier person and attract the same. So while on the surface we may seem like a chotsky candle shop, we are in fact much deeper than that. Little things do in fact mean a lot.


So while you’re shopping for mom, dad and sis consider an emotional healing gift for them. A book or a crystal to help them heal the relationship they have with themselves which all other experiences in their life will be based off of. If you’d like to check out my class Conscious Relationships is happening this Thursday at 5pm or January 19th at 7pm. Sign up at

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