Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius

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Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius
Today’s Full Moon in Sagittarius will be the last of Spring 2015, as the Summer Solstice approaches later this month on the 21st. In LA, that means June Gloom and a few cool, cloudy weeks before the temperatures rise and the beaches get crowded. The rush of Springtime activities seems to be slowing momentarily before rocketing full steam ahead into the season of fun. Take a moment now to reflect on everything you began since the Spring Equinox and consider what you can finish in the next couple weeks. 


Sagittarius is the sign of the adventurer, the archer who shoots for the stars, ambitious, lofty and idealistic. Philosophical but not pretentiously intellectual, Sagittarius is a Fire sign, all about putting ideas into action. The Sagittarius Moon will highlight adventurousness, big picture thinking, and a sense that life is deeply, profoundly meaningful. In fact, this Full Moon should be the perfect cure for those of us suffering the blues with Mercury Retrograde. 


You can use the Sagittarius Moon to cast spells centered on truth, philosophy and ambition. This Moon is great for writers—especially those trying to express philosophical concepts in their work. Cast a spell to help you articulate your lofty ideas and create a real work of literature. While Full Moons are traditionally a time for banishing that which no longer serves us, the Sagittarian energy encourages visionary thinking for the future, so feel free to cast spells to set your intentions for the coming Summer as well. 


Now is the time to cast a spell that may feel too ambitious at other times. If you’re trying to achieve a major transformation in your life over the next year, now’s the time to plant a seed. Want to initiate a massive career change? Go back to school? Quit your job and travel the world? Write your intentions and burn them in a fire ceremony to honor the Moon and rest assured that the archer’s arrow will carry you to your desired destination.  


With the Moon landing in a Fire sign, a fire ceremony is especially fitting now. You can light a candle or stoke a small fire in your fireplace, grill or fire pit, and then meditate on your desired outcome. You can write your intentions on natural paper or create a totem representing your wish out of twigs, leaves or pinecones. Once you feel the totem or paper is charged with your intent, imagine the feeling of having what you desire as you cast the totem into the flame. Watch it burn closely and invite the smoke into your belly, your chest and your forehead. When your totem has finished burning, know that your will is done. 


With the Sun and Mercury (Retrograde) in Gemini, you may be feeling a bit scatterbrained, flighty and unfocused. It may take you a little longer to articulate exactly what you want, so make sure to spend some time with your intentions before performing your ceremony. And don’t worry, Mercury goes direct on June 11th, so if your technology has been going haywire and your anxiety is through the roof, it’ll be over soon!

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