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If you have never had a tarot reading, this article basic information to get you familiar with the process. Tarot is not going to be the instant solution to all your problems but it is a great starting point to get you pointed in a positive direction. At House of Intuition, Rachel is one of our most experienced tarot practitioners (although we are blessed to have many) who gives sound advice along with what is revealed through the cards. Rachel reads in person or over the phone Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays but Monday she is at our Melrose location. We also have many classes where you can learn about tarot and a huge selection of card decks!

I thought I would help you understand what a reading is like and give you an inside look at this ancient healing art of divination. The cards have a mysterious way of bringing through answers that many long time card users know. The same card often comes up when you’re asking about the same thing. Often when you’re working on resolving something, the same group of cards will show up until things move forward. The statistical likelihood of that happening when the cards are well shuffled is low given that there are 78 cards. But what would be helpful for you to know before walking into a reading?

First of all, there are many different tarot decks but they are all based on the same thing, the major and minor arcana. The minor arcana is divided into 4 symbols. The swords represent communication or fear. The cups represent emotions, the pentacles represent money and the wands represent creative gifts. The minor arcana cards represent the more day to day things of life while the major arcana cards represent the bigger learning lessons and larger scale changes that you will go through or your psyche will process. The archetypes (originally based on mythical gods of Egypt and mirrored in ancient Greece) are lessons we all go through but in different contexts. Often the cards will help bring to surface new perspectives that can heal an issue you're dealing with. In a tarot reading many people want to focus on gaining insight on their life purpose and their career first. Next up is certainly understanding how to improve relationships. Additionally, people will look at how to improve their health and spiritual connection. People will sometimes focus on a part of their life that is confusing, such as a pattern that is showing up or they will show up just wanting guidance without expectations.

It’s best to go into a reading with an open mind and little expectations. The reason being that spirit often brings through a much different solution that what your mind can conceive of. We often think in black and white and have tunnel vision about possibilities but spirit knows what is best for us and can help us see new solutions. While many people want the instant gratification of just knowing the future, the future is not written in stone. The best way to use the tarot is to work on yourself and develop your connection to your soul so you can attract the best opportunities and people into your life. The tarot will help you see where you are fearful or out of balance.

Your higher self knows what is best for you in the present and the future and while meditating can help you receive messages from the higher self, the tarot can too. Because the tarot speaks in pictures, colors and metaphors, it essentially bi-passes the reductionistic logic based brain. The tarot has many levels of interpretation the deeper you get into it. Sometimes you’ll hear a practitioner talk about a reversal which means that the card popped up inverted. This process is certainly one of trust. There is trust between you and the reader and trust in the unseen realms. For those of you who doubt the other side exists, you may want to have a mediumship session (mediumship brings through information about deceased loved ones).

House of Intuition was started because of a tarot reading and big decisions are made using this form of divination. We know that tarot can help you strengthen your intuition and work on yourself. It helps hold us accountable for what we attract, allowing us to see beyond the illusion that life is just randomly occurring. I used to have no idea about anything metaphysical but growing up my math teacher said she saw angels. Ipso facto, you can always start with little or no knowledge. If you’re meta-curious, you may want to come take a class, get a deck or a reading. Many extremely successful people visit us for readings and we are humbled to offer this service to the community. If anyone ever gives you a reading and says you have a curse and asks you for money to remove it, just walk away. That is called motivating with fear. We will offer you tools of empowerment to heal things within yourself. We teach you meditation, offer you books about intention and manifesting so you can work through the blocks.

I must mention our custom wooden Tarot Card boxes which are great for storing your deck! Tarot is a lot of fun and when you get into it, you may find yourself like us, using the cards to describe your day, we often say, “I was just so six of cups-ing…” it’s a hoot. Every reader will have their own favorite decks. My top three right now are; The Gilded Tarot, Angel Power Tarot and the beautiful Star Child Tarot. I know Rachel loves the Mother Peace Tarot. 


We have an 8 week tarot class starting in January as well as Advanced Tarot with Naha and lots of other fun tarot classes where you can dive into the metaphysical realms and gain a footing. We hope the new year deepens your spiritual core and we are here to help you begin what you’ve always dreamed of!

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