The Making of a Global Platform

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House of Intuition has just launched an online TV Channel and APP www.HOI.TV which we are calling a metaphysical netflix. The making of this came together synchronistically. We asked spirit if now was the time and they said yes. As we stepped forward it was hard to not be fearful that we were biting off more than we could chew but our director and producer was a god sent with tons of experience and the endurance to push ahead. We held each other up as we moved into the unknown territory of filming our classes, in hopes that we could reach the people that have no access to a metaphysical center in person. The dream was making empowering information accessible so more people around the world can heal. This vision was met by a handful of healers ready to offer their esoteric information on the platform. 

We humbly chipped away at the massive amount of content we would need for the initial launch, trusting that we were being guided by pure intentions. As we sat down during our company Christmas gathering to see the videos, tears came to our eyes as even our own expectations on the quality and moving message resonated through our hearts. It takes a village they say and not one of us could have birthed this alone. We climbed mountains, we stood in the cold, we drove in traffic and lost sleep and enjoyed every moment of it, working for our vision. 

When you trust you are being led by a higher vision, as we found, things line up and have a way of working out. Stepping out in trust is a muscle that can be exercised starting out in little ways. For instance, when you feel a calling intuitively to do something and you do, you will often realize that something magical was in store, generally a healing for you and the people you encounter. Trusting those gut feelings is what we are all about at House of Intuition and in sharing this story I wanted to reflect that we too operate in this way. 

As we birth new projects such as HOI.TV we learn to just keep putting one foot in front of the other. We learn patience and we learn how to put our egos aside to get along with each other in order to accomplish something that is bigger than ourselves. We also learn how to relinquish control that everything must go as planned. When I brought my class curriculum to our veteraned director, I had to let go of my ego. He chopped it up and rearranged it, throwing out the excess and making it more coherent. I trusted that his vision was coming from a good place and just went with the flow. If I had taken that constructive criticism personally, I probably would have just given up right there. 

Whatever creative inspiration you have, learn from us on this. It's best to work with a team instead of doing everything on your own. It's good to listen to feedback and not take things personally. Keep your eyes on your end goal and your enthusiasm will pull you through. We are so happy to be able to reach more people with the same information that has helped us through hard times. We are dedicated to continuing to grow this platform so that people in remote areas or areas without metaphysical centers can become empowered to heal their emotions, direct their thoughts and live with intention. I think back to my days as a teenager, where I was stricken with anxiety, health problems and lacked self esteem, that is my motivation to share this information with people. I know how it feels to be bombarded by thoughts. 

The meditation classes, the classes about spirit and astrology and magic are all a foundation to give you strength and a new lens to see your life through. We know it will change lives as it is shared from one person to the next and we look forward to your feedback as we help more communities raise consciousness. Thank you for being an ambassador of this empowered knowledge and remember that when you heal, you then have an opportunity to lift someone else just by showing up happy. When they ask you why you are happy, how you got there and what to do, you become the teacher. 

The humble walls of House of Intuition, the cozy feel and the heartfelt connections are spreading through each of you, through your intention to heal and help others. May we unify and spread the light together. 

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