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Shaman Incense Sacred Space Blend Sampler Kit

The Shaman Incense Sacred Space Blend Sampler Kit includes small sizes of our Shaman, Ori, Eledaa, Orun, Irawo and Fe Ocan Incense Blends.


Shaman: Protection, Purity, and Ritual Work

Ori: Psychic Protection From those That Wish You Harm

Eledaa: An Offering to Guardian Angels, Assists in Lifting Your Prayers to the Heavens

Orun: Lifts Energy to its Highest Vibration and Brings in the White Light

Irawo: Assists in Meditation into Other Works and Connects You to the Cosmos

Fe Ocan: For Romantic, Platonic, Sensual, Unconditional Love and All Matters of the Heart


How to Use: 

  1. Take a piece of self-lighting incense Charcoal and place it on a heat proof receptacle lined with salt
  2. Carefully light the Charcoal as it will spark once you’ve lit it 
  3. Once the Charcoal has turned gray, add a pinch of the Incense Blend of your choice onto the Charcoal Tablet (Note: The more you add, the smokier it will get)
  4. You may also use this time to walk through your space to help set the intention with the smoke of the Incense Blend if you wish
  5. When finished, place the heat proof receptacle out of reach of any children or pets as it will stay hot until it is finished burning 
  6. It is not necessary to burn all 6 provided Incense Blends in one sitting unless you wish to


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