Happy Birthday Scorpio Box
Happy Birthday Scorpio Box
Happy Birthday Scorpio Box
Happy Birthday Scorpio Box
Happy Birthday Scorpio Box
Happy Birthday Scorpio Box


Happy Birthday Scorpio Box

October 23 – November 21

As we mark the passage from fall to winter, fulfilling your dreams this year starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead.

Scorpio Candle

A zodiac sign of extremes with hard shell and secretive interior, you - dear Scorpio - are to delve deep during your birthday months to draw your innermost thoughts from the shadows into light. Ignite this magic candle to illuminate and bring to reality your passionate ambitions, with no fear or blockages. Never forget your sign is especially blessed with an uncanny sixth sense and ferocious strong will.

msrp $22

Clear Quartz Pendulum

Scorpios, being a water sign, are known to have the façade of crystalline calm waters on the surface, with turbulent currents underneath in the form of warring thoughts. Use this pendulum to tap into your intuition and bring clarity when making big decisions, or simply when you just need gentle guidance. Ask thoughtful questions, and see where the swing of the pendulum takes you.

msrp $18

Moon Matches

There’s a lot of energy surrounding the celestial events occurring in Scorpio season, and these elegant Moon Matches are a bright accompaniment to any and all rituals you develop to manifest your highest good.

msrp $8

Scorpio Zodiac Talisman

The Scorpio glyph is quite an enigma, combining the mystical M symbol with the stinger of a Scorpion’s tail. It at once depicts the mysteries of life, combined with the Scorpio’s traits of intense energy and sting in making impact. Scorpios are the power mongers of the zodiac – wear this talisman to amplify your signature savviness in projects, resources, and wealth.

msrp $14

The Halloween Oracle Tarot Deck

During Scorpio season, celebrate All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) and develop the Scorpio’s renowned Third Eye and Crown Chakras with this darkly captivating Halloween Oracle Tarot Deck. Beautifully illustrated by Stacey DeMarco, this deck lifts “the Veil between the Worlds”.

msrp $24

Scorpio Original Print by Tashina Suzuki  ($12)
Place this image on your altar to bring in the Scorpio energy into your day.

The total value of the items in the box is $108, for only $60.
Price does not include shipping.
The perfect birthday gift box; handmade with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style.

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