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The cosmic energy of 2021 propels you to powerfully manifest with the full courage and conviction of your dreams. House of Intuition founders Alex and Marlene carefully curated the 2021 Box Set to help you create at any moment your thematic blueprint for the year through the vessels of intuition and imagination. More info


  • 2021 Magic Candle
  • Sun Matches
  • Candle Care Kit with Wick Trimmer & Snuffer
  • Sage & Wildflower Bundle
  • Crystal Quartz Pendulum

Manifest with the 2021 Magic Candle. Through rain and sunshine, challenges and growth - Rainbows - a Symbol of Transformation, are created. Double arcs, especially powerful, inspire metamorphosis and good fortune for both your material and spiritual realms. The cosmic energy of 2021 propels you forward powerfully, as Saturn the planet of discipline, re-enters the progressive sign of Aquarius with Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion. Transform your 2021 by meditating on inner calm, community and creativity to create your thematic blueprint for the year ahead. Your next level breakthroughs will arrive through the vessels of intuition and imagination. Possess a deep knowing that the Universe is working with you on your next beautiful chapter of evolution.

House of Intuition Sun Matches were created specifically for candle magic use. The Sun represents the greatest reflection of ourselves, as it is our soul’s truest and most authentic identity. It is the source of all life on Earth and its abundance flows infinitely.

Elevate your intention setting rituals with the signature House of Intuition Candle Care Set, which includes Wick Trimmer and Candle Snuffer altar tools. All House of Intuition Magic Candles are poured by hand. Wick trimming can clear the candle of energies and set it for your intention. To keep the candle from getting too hot, trim the wick so that it stays about 1 inch long. The Candle Snuffer is a special altar tool because we believe in the importance of every breath. Instead of using your precious breath to blow out the intention, this custom-made tool neatly snuffs out the flame so that your breath energy is not used to extinguish the intention.

Our 100% certified Organic Sage & Wildflower Bundle is sustainably grown in California and handmade with love. Each contains the powerful energies of the Sun, Wind, Rain, and Earth - along with the essences of their unique flower combinations - to bring your mind and soul back into harmony. They’re a magical way to clear your physical and energetic spaces for the new, inviting in more balance, fostering energetic protection and raising your vibration for the beautiful days coming on your journey.

Welcome cosmic guidance on the year ahead with a Crystal Quartz Pendulum. Tap into the easiest method of divination, based on YES or NO answers. Pendulums provide a refreshed sense of focus and awareness, helping to clear the clouds of confusion and distraction. This powerful quartz divination tool makes a great partner to those who would like to deepen their meditation but have trouble with concentration, and reminds us that the answers we are constantly seeking cannot be found in the external but instead are within ourselves.


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