2021 Aquarius Birthday Box
2021 Aquarius Birthday Box
2021 Aquarius Birthday Box
2021 Aquarius Birthday Box
2021 Aquarius Birthday Box
2021 Aquarius Birthday Box


2021 Aquarius Birthday Box


January 20 – February 18
As we mark the passage of time through the seasons, fulfilling your dreams this year starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead.   
The total value of the items in the box is $100, for only $60.  The perfect birthday gift box; handmade with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style.


Aquarius Birthday Zodiac Magic Candle

Aquarius, you are the Air sign that connects our minds to the universe. It’s your Solar Return so let your unorthodox ideas and quirky individualism lead the community to greater happiness. This year requires you to adapt and adopt a different perspective - zoom out and meditate on the bigger picture, especially in regard to the visions your guides have been sending you. You represent the water-bearer and the sign that naturally carries the waters of intuition, but this year is about surrendering even when things aren’t quite visible yet. Great things are coming your way with Jupiter, the planet of luck, making its way through your sign all of this year. Take a look in the mirror and give yourself a smile. You’ve journeyed a long way - bask in your authenticity.



Girasol Opal

The at once mysteriously clear and milky depths of this high vibration crystal tap into your crown and throat chakras to connect powerfully with source energy. It is a powerful Manifestation Stone, making this a wonderful tool for aligning with the Aquarian pursuits of communal consciousness and creation.  Let this Girasol Opal be a trusted companion on your journey through psychic attunement and the mystical arts. 



Aquarius Zodiac Print by Tashina Suzuki

This painting is part of our zodiac collaborations with artist Tashina Suzuki.  Tashina has meditated and has received messages from her guides to bring this image into existence.  She has created a mantra for the painting to help you bring the idealistic energy of Aquarius and its revolutionary momentum to assist you on your journey.  "I INSPIRE.  I inspire by trusting my dreams and bringing my visions to life.  I share my authenticity with the world for the highest good.  My fight for justice leads to equality and individual freedom."



Love Incense

Aquarius is the sign of creation and giving of life.  Inspire all sorts of love - unconditional, romantic and more - with this light, buoyant incense.  A bright accompaniment to any and all rituals you develop to manifest your highest good.



Raku Handmade Incense Burner

Light your sacred incense on this Hand Crafted Raku Incense Burner.  Each handcrafted Raku art piece is fired in an outdoor kiln.  The intense heat ignites a blaze giving your Raku art piece distinctive flashes of color, making it one-of-a-kind. Meditate and welcome in Aquarian energy as the smoke wisps dissipate and energetically cleanse your space.



Healer's Hand Cleansing Spray

The Healer’s Hand Cleansing Spray shields both spiritually and physically - a vital protection for the trailblazing Aquarian. Use this natural homeopathic remedy to aid in the cleansing and protection of hands or space when needing purification, or to remove energies after a healing session.  Inspired by the ancient and powerful secret of Thieves Oil - containing Clove Bud, Red Thyme, Rosemary, Cinnamon and many others - this proprietary blend has stood the test of time.


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