The Healer Box - Elemental Magic Boxes – Created by Naha Armády for House of Intuition


Elemental Magic Boxes – Created by Naha for House of Intuition

“I have created these special magical kits with my favorite HOI products and crystals which I have personally cleansed and charged. Each kit contains tools and instructions to create a magical working for manifesting your intentions” – Naha Armády

The Healer Box – This box was created to assist you in the intentions of magic, meditation, balancing, healing, psychic development, protection.
It contains elements of fire, water, air, and earth, the four tools of the magician for creating a magical working: Healing Candle, Violet Water, Iwala Incense, Sea Salt, Shell and Crystal Gem Set: Lepidolite Generator, Auralite23, Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point



For magic, meditation, balancing, healing, psychics development, protection.

Your magical healer box contains a representation of each element: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. (Candle, Floral Water, Aromatic, Crystals)

Used together, these elements prepare the way for the spirit element, and that is where the magic happens.

The HEALER BOX includes:

  • Healing Candle
  • Violet Water
  • Iwala Resin Blend
  • Crystal Set : Lepidolite Generator, Auralite 23, Chlorite Phantom Quartz Point

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