The Heart Box - Elemental Magic Boxes – Created by Naha Armády for House of Intuition


Elemental Magic Boxes – Created by Naha for House of Intuition

“I have created these special magical kits with my favorite HOI products and crystals which I have personally cleansed and charged. Each kit contains tools and instructions to create a magical working for manifesting your intentions” – Naha Armády

The Heart Box – This box was created to assist you in the intentions of love, romance, self-love, heart healing, compassion, gratitude, peace.
It contains elements of fire, water, air, and earth, the four tools of the magician for creating a magical working: Unconditional Love Candle, Rose Water, Amber Resin, Sea Salt, Shell and Crystal Gem Set: Danburite Point, Rose Quartz polished cube, Spessartine Garnet



For magic, meditation, balancing, healing, psychics development, protection.

Your magical heart box contains a representation of each element: Fire, Water, Air and Earth. (Candle, Floral Water, Aromatic, Crystals)

Used together, these elements prepare the way for the spirit element, and that is where the magic happens.

The HEART BOX includes:

  • Unconditional Love Candle
  • Rose Water
  • Amber Resin
  • Crystal Set: Danburite Point, Rose Quartz Polished Cubes, Spessartine Garnet

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