Rainbow Mixed Crystals Orgonite Wand

Chakra: All
Orgonite is a self-sustaining energy center. "Orgone" is another word for the life-force energy that exists within all beings and this crystal was created to utilize this energy. They are created using a 50:50 blend of organic materials and inorganic materials. A Quartz crystal is placed within the center of Orgone and is constantly amplifying the energy of the stone. Copper flakes and coils are used as a conductor and create a vortex and filter energy from top to bottom. When the resin is heated and dries it contracts - putting constant pressure on the crystals inside and therefore amplifying their attributes. This blend naturally attracts and repels energy, recycling it into a more positive vibration and dispersing it into the environment around it.

Wands are a traditional healing tool and have the ability to greatly focus their energy through their fine point. 

Wands may be long or short, have a rounded or flat end or be tapered: all are highly beneficial.

The elongated shape allows it to direct its energy in a focused straight line and means that they are great for getting a concentration on energy into a specific point on the body, such as a chakra. 



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