2020 Leo Birthday Box


2020 Leo Birthday Box

Leo season starts July 23, 2020!

Celebrate this glorious fire sign of exuberance, leadership and flair.

Our Leo Birthday Box offers tools, talismans and treasures to get in touch with your inner voice to become more intuitive and instinctual.

Achieve a more harmonious and focused journey ahead with our specially curated Magic Candle, Crystal, Vessel, Tea, and Zodiac Mantra Print.

Contents in the 2020 Leo Box 


Fulfilling your dreams starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead. These boxes are meant not just for those celebrating birthdays in this season, but for those who want to bring the vibrant magnetism of Leo and its characteristics into their journey.


Leo Birthday Magic Candle

Happy Birthday, Leo! This year brings you expansion and connection. Everything you do has its own uniqueness and others admire you for that. You lead with your heart, and that makes you easy and exciting to follow. Look for opportunities to share your visions and dreams with others. You shine sunlight and warmth for all around you simply by being you, and when you live from that place, others are drawn to you. Share yourself and your inner truths with those you cross paths with this year and be ready to catch your blessings.



Leo Zodiac Print and Mantra by Tashina Suzuki

In this installment of zodiac collaborations with artist Tashina Suzuki we dive into the vivacious world of Leo. Tashina meditated and received messages from her guides to bring this image into existence. She created the “I RADIATE” mantra for the painting to help channel theatrical flair and creativity into the energy field of Leo. This is not just for those born under this sign, it is for anyone who wants to harness the vibrant nature of Leo to guide them on their journey.



Double Terminated Citrine

If any crystal was meant to represent the quintessential essence of Leo, Citrine would be it. Citrine is like a warm ray of sunlight filling your aura up with the motivation and magnetism needed to harness your goals. This crystal is extremely beneficial for anyone whose work is based in a creative industry as it helps to spark the imagination. Citrine is a self cleansing stone, meaning it does not hold on to any negative energy that it absorbs. An ideal crystal to work with when manifesting as it carries the energies of abundance and success especially related to career and dream projects.



Buddha Vessel

A divine symbol of noble truths, peace and gentle compassion, the Buddha represents the wealth of knowledge and awakening one can amass throughout the journey of life. Let this vessel hold whatever you consider dear, and serve as a reminder that universal energy loves and supports you unconditionally.



Mermaid Tea

The fixed Fire sign of Leo is protected from burn out when balanced with the calming energy of water and meditative acts like drinking restorative tea. Mermaid Tea is created with intention and purpose using all organically sourced herbs. Lovingly sourced and blended by a Queer, Black, Female Artist-owned company, Mermaid Tea is rooted in a variation of family recipes, African herbal medicine tradition, and pure herbalism to connect you with ancestors and innermost magic.



Total retail value: $97 for only $60.

The perfect birthday gift box; hand-made with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style. 

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