Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box


Happy Birthday Virgo Box


The season of Virgo starts August 23, 2020.

Celebrate the relentlessly hard-working Earth sign with energies that emanate relaxation and inner calm. Self-care and relaxation are in order so that you, dear Virgo, can rejuvenate your wellspring.

Our Virgo Birthday Box offers tools, talismans and treasures to get in touch with your inner voice to become more intuitive and balanced. This box is not just for those born under this sign; it is for anyone who wants to harness the nature of Virgo to guide them on their journey.

We curated this special box for fellow Virgos to de-stress their analytical, detail-oriented intellect with our specially curated Magic Candle, Lavender Essential oil, crystal perfume bottle necklace, Zodiac Mantra Print, and a great book to unwind the mind.

 Virgo Birthday Magic Candle

Happy Solar Return, Virgo! This year you learn to balance work-life and self-care. Your resourcefulness and willingness to serve has others in awe of how you do it all. Remember that everyone needs a little rest sometimes. You are worthy, Virgo, and you have a big heart. Grant yourself permission to give to yourself first, so that you have more to share with others. May you feel deeply appreciated for the love and support you give, and may your year be full of peace and blessings.

Virgo Zodiac Print and Mantra by Tashina Suzuki

In this installment of zodiac collaborations with artist Tashina Suzuki we dive into the world of Virgo. Tashina meditated and received messages from her guides to bring this image into existence. She created the “I SERVE” mantra for the painting.

"I serve with my creative self-expression, analytical mind, and knowledge of systems. My mind is set free as I silence my inner critic and embrace collaboration."

How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanh

Famous for looking outwardly calm and creating order out of chaos, a critical gift for 2020, Virgos need a deeper dive into relaxation. This gem of a tome by Thich Nhat Hanh, shares how one can heal, rest and be in solitude to enjoy relaxation and bring life back into balance. 

Crystal Bottle Necklace

Our beautiful crystal bottle necklace is carved from natural stones and can carry essential oils and perfumes. Each piece is 100% handmade so the colors and textures will be a little different from piece to piece. Wear these special and unique bottles with the Lavender essential oil or any essential oil you desire. Necklaces are 18” and 100% stainless steel. Colors will vary.

 Lavender Essential Oil

Refreshing and relaxing, the fragrance of Lavender can soothe the soul. Ruled by Mercury and the element Air, Lavender promotes peace, love and calm. Lavender is used for depression, health, and fertility, as well as manifestation or cleansing a new home. Add this essential oil to the crystal necklace with jojoba oil, almond oil or any carrier oil of your choosing to use on the body. You can also add to water in an oil diffuser or use for sacred rituals.

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