7/11 Practical Magic and Techniques Class 5 - Baths, Sprays, and Compounding Incenses with HOI Healer Ryan

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With so many tools for magic, we often get lost. In this class, we will be doing our best to go over the fundamentals of working with magic. The techniques in this class are taught to be versatile and can be used to help anyone’s personal journey in their own magical tradition. We will be teaching the basics of herbal magic, creating charms, baths, candle dressings, and more.

In this class, he will introducing the basics on baths, sprays, and creating incense.

This series covers a wide array of topics and occurs on a weekly basis. This series will build upon the topics covered previously but students can drop in as they wish. If you miss a particular class, students can always retake it when the class comes back.

This class will be from 4pm-5pm PST.

Week 1: Introduction, History, Fundamentals, Ethics, Timing, Numerology (6/6)

Week 2: Herbal, Root, Mineral, Animal Magic Part 1 (6/13)

Week 3: Herbal, Root, Mineral, Animal Magic Part 2 (6/20)

Week 4: Petitions, Seals, Deployment, and Disposal of Ritual Items (6/27)

Week 5: Baths, Sprays, and Compounding Incenses (7/11)

Week 6: Candle Magic, Dressings, and Oils (7/18)

Week 7: Container Magic and Rituals (7/25)

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