Spring 2020 Runes Class Series With Kelly - House of Intuition

Spring 2020 Runes Class Series With Kelly

This is a series of Zoom classes with Kelly on the subject of Runes. 

The Runes are the written, spoken and physical language of magick. It is an ancient series of symbols imbued with their own power. There are 24 of these symbols; 25 if you consider the modern concept of the blank Rune for divination. The Runes are ancient and predate Tarot by thousands of years.

All 24 symbols could be described as major Arcana if being compared to tarot. Each Rune has a specific meaning and they all depend on what is pulled before and after each Rune.  Each Rune builds upon the previous.


All classes will be from 7pm-8pm PST. 


Class 1: 4/10 Freyas Aett

Class 2: 4/17 Heimdall's Aett

Class 3: 4/24 Tyr's Aett

Class 4: 5/1 Magickal applications for Runes

Class 5: 5/8 Different Out of the Box Magical Applications for the Runes of Heimdall's Aett 

Class 6: 5/15 How to Read Runes Part 1

Class 7: 5/22 How to Read Runes Part 2 

All House of Intuition classes $5 and 60 minutes during this period on Zoom.

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