Spring 2020 Tuesday Tarot Series

Learn the Wisdom of Tarot in 8 class sessions!

House of Intuition's In-House Astrologer and Tarot Instructor, Christa Westaway, will break down the Tarot into manageable parts and guide you as you begin to interact with the divine, source energy of the Tarot.

In these 60-minute class, you'll learn the structure, symbolism and numerology of the Tarot to help navigate and organize your deck. Christa will also share ways to care for yourself and your deck with strong energetic boundaries and proper spiritual hygiene. These classes are best taken in a series and repeat throughout the year.  If you are experienced in Tarot or have taken classes with Christa prior, you are welcome to drop in class anytime.

Please have a journal and a pen with you to take notes.

The Rider-Waite Tarot deck is highly recommended.

Class 1: 4/14 Introduction to Tarot

Class 2: 4/21 Archetypes & The Major Arcana

Class 3: 4/28 Wands & The Element of Fire

Class 4: 5/5 Swords & The Element of Air

Class 5: 5/12 Coins & The Element of Earth 

Class 6: 5/19 Water & The Element of Water

Class 7: 5/26 Knights & Pages 

Class 8: 6/2 Queens & Kings

More classes coming online for May 2020.


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