Smudge Kits

House of Intuition


Includes: Abalone shell, sage bundle, charcoal tablets, infused candle, matches and our  Magic Incense.

Banish all negative entities and remove unwanted spirits.

1. Place sea salt into Abalone shell.

2. Place charcoal tablet on sea salt or sage bundle and light.

3. If using charcoal tablet, place incense on tablet as desired.

4. Burn from from to back of space or on an altar.

5. Light candle to bring in the light.


Our various kits include a different magic incense based on the kits goal. 

Cleanse & Purify includes Dragon Magic Incense Blend

Love & Heart kit includes Fe Ocan Magic Incense Blend

Strength & Victory includes Akita Magic Incense Blend

Money & Abundance includes Ire Aye Magic Incense Blend

Healing includes Iwala Magic Incense Blend

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