2021 Capricorn Birthday Box
2021 Capricorn Birthday Box
2021 Capricorn Birthday Box
2021 Capricorn Birthday Box
2021 Capricorn Birthday Box


2021 Capricorn Birthday Box


December 22 – January 19

Celebrate this purposeful earth sign of leadership, honor and initiative.

As we mark the passage of time through the seasons, fulfilling your dreams this year starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead.

Our Capricorn Birthday Box offers tools, talismans and treasures

Capricorn Birthday Zodiac Magic Candle

Capricorn is the natural go-getter of the zodiac. You’re the greatest of all time when you put your mind to it and the reason why you’re best represented by the Goat in the zodiac wheel. This year, make it a goal to acknowledge the praise people bless you with. Every positive compliment delivered rings true so learn acceptance with open arms, grace and gratitude. The coming year will test your integrity and skill like never before. Stay grounded and focused to fulfill each goal you set out to finish. You are the Earth sign who knows how to solidify an idea and bring it into full manifestation.


Abalone Shell

These shells are innately connected to the ocean and are therefore beneficial for anything related to the emotions or purification. When feelings of heartache roll in, Abalone asks that you give in and move with the tide. Allowing the ebb and flow of your emotions makes way for a cathartic emotional release and purging of what does not serve you. Abalone is like a wave washing over us, bringing in a new sense of calm. This vibration is extremely beneficial when introduced to relationships as it extinguishes the flames of disagreements, allowing both sides to once again feel compassion, security and love.


Capricorn Zodiac Print by Tashina Suzuki

This painting is part of our zodiac collaborations with artist Tashina Suzuki. Tashina has meditated and has received messages from her guides to bring this image into existence. She has created a mantra for the painting to help you bring the Capricorn energy in. This is not just for Capricorns. It is for anyone that needs the energy of the grounded Capricorn and its organized energy to help and assist you on your journey. There is only one original painting and a numbered, limited edition of prints available. I ACHIEVE. I achieve mastery through hard work and show others how to be an authority of self. I channel energy into worthy situations and know when to walk away. Connecting to others through humility brings me true happiness.


Moon Matches

There’s a lot of energy surrounding the celestial events occurring in Scorpio season, and these elegant Moon Matches are a bright accompaniment to any and all rituals you develop to manifest your highest good.



For burning incense, herbs and blends for ceremonial magic. The fast lighting hookah charcoal is smokeless and originally designed for religious Incense burning. An integral part of magical work and ritual.


Shaman Incense Sacred Space Blend Sampler Kit

This powerful Kit includes small sizes of our proprietary Incense Blends, with the following special properties: Shaman - Protection, Purity, and Ritual Work. Ori - Psychic Protection. Eledaa - Offering to Guardian Angels. Orun - Lifts Energy to its Highest Vibration. Irawo - Assists in Meditation. Fe Ocan - For All Matters of the Heart



The total value of the items in the box is $97, for only $60.
The perfect birthday gift box; handmade with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style.

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