2020 Scorpio Birthday Box
2020 Scorpio Birthday Box
2020 Scorpio Birthday Box
2020 Scorpio Birthday Box
2020 Scorpio Birthday Box


2020 Scorpio Birthday Box

Celebrate the sign of extremes, intensity, secrets, and ambitious drive.

Our Scorpio Birthday Box offers tools, talismans and treasures to get in touch with your inner voice to become more intuitive and instinctual.

Achieve a more harmonious and focused journey ahead with our specially curated Magic Candle, Black Onyx Cat, Sage with Sunflower bundle, Playing Cards Oracle Deck and Zodiac Mantra Print.

Contents in the 2020 Scorpio Box 

Fulfilling your dreams starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead. These boxes are meant not just for those celebrating birthdays in this season, but for those who want to bring the passionate energy of Scorpio and its characteristics into their journey.

Scorpio Birthday Magic Candle

Happy Birthday, Scorpio! Your waters run deep, giving you the ability to remain loyal to those you love and cherish. That’s why you’ve been working on eliminating surface-level relationships and environments that can’t value or acknowledge your depth. Opportunities to expand, learn and grow come with practicing communication in your relationships and sharing your values with the world. May you empower yourself to be the stability you seek by honoring your well-being first and foremost.

Value $22


Black Onyx Cat

Black Onyx is a stone of strength and guidance. The protective aspects of this stone take negative energy around us and transmute it into something more positive. With this stone - negativity becomes positivity, aggression becomes strength, and apathy becomes perseverance. Cats have always been associated with all things magical as they represent the bridge between the mystic and physical realm. They are able to see through the darkness with ease. They are masters of balance, represent action and rest, and are fiercely independent. Tuning into cat energy allows you to access the aspects of yourself which are mysterious and magical.

Value $36


Sage with Sunflower Bundle

Complex Scorpio energy is reset well with wisps of cleansing smoke. Sage has a fragrant aroma that helps activate the Third Eye and increases spiritual awareness. Sunflower draws in luck and loyalty and together with sage, this delightful bundle brings high vibrational energy to your space, rituals, and crystals.

Value $18


Playing Cards Oracle Deck

Scorpios, being a water sign, are known to have the façade of crystalline calm waters on the surface, with turbulent currents underneath in the form of warring thoughts. The Playing Cards Oracle Deck is helpful for those seeking self-understanding. Use this unique method to connect with the Divine Power within.

Value $24


Scorpio Zodiac Print and Mantra by Tashina Suzuki

In this installment of zodiac collaborations with artist Tashina Suzuki we dive into the intense world of Scorpio. Tashina meditated and received messages from her guides to bring this image into existence. She created the “I TRANSFORM” mantra for the painting to help bring growth and expansion into the energy field of Scorpios. This is not just for those born under this sign, it is for anyone who wants to harness the fiercely psychic nature of Scorpio to guide them on their journey.

The total value of the item in the box is $112, for only $60.  Price does not include shipping.

The perfect birthday gift box; handmade with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style.

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