Taurus Handcrafted Sphere Holder with Sardonyx Sphere

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Sardonyx Sphere

Blending Carnelian and Onyx, this powerful stone is an excellent source of inspiration for the Taurus spirit. Connect to the energy of this stone and you will immediately feel as though all of your aspirations are within your reach. Attributes of Carnelian light the fire within you to chase after your dreams and Onyx grounds you in the pragmatic ways to bring them into the world. Sardonyx will also draw in people who have your highest good in mind, allowing you to surround yourself with a group of souls who truly want to see you thrive.

Bespoke HOI Wooden Display

This handmade wooden sphere display was specially commissioned by House of Intuition and personalized with the Taurus zodiac to display the Sardonyx Sphere. Much aligned with the creative Taurus aesthetic, it is handcrafted by artist Eric Nelson of EA Design (Instagram @e_adesignstudio) - a studio focused on advancing thought and quality of life through everyday design that is functional and timeless.




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