Sage + Wildflower Organic Smudge

Sage + Wildflower Organic Smudge

Our 100% certified organic sage and wildflower smudges are sustainably grown in California and handmade with love. Each contains the powerful energies of the sun, wind, rain, and Earth, along with the essences of their unique flower combinations, to bring your mind and soul back into harmony. They’re a magical way to clear your physical and energetic spaces, inviting in more balance, fostering energetic protection and raising your vibration.

1. Create an intention of what energy you want to clear, and what energy you want to bring in

2. Use a heat resistant receptacle with a layer of sea salt to place your smudge stick once lit

3. Light the tip of your smudge bundle and allow it to burn down until the herbs are lit, then blow out the flame

4. Place your smudge stick on top of the receptacle containing the sea salt for safety

5. Waft the smoke slowly around your space and aura with your intention in mind, clearing and soothing your Spirit

6. Allow it to burn safely in heat resistant receptacle until the ritual is completed, then snuff out on to the sea salt until the next time you need it

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