Aquamarine Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace Necklaces Crystals A. $28.00

Aquamarine Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace

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Chakra: Throat and Heart

House of Intuition Wrapped Necklaces are handmade with Copper Wire - a high conductor of energy - to delicately frame each selected stone.

The raw crystal piece is wrapped by hand with copper wire and includes a copper chain necklace.

Those who are prone to having a fiery personality or are sometimes quick-tempered can benefit from the calming soothing feel of Aquamarine. A stone closely associated with the element of water, aquamarine is like a wave washing over you. This makes it naturally gifted at cleansing both current resentments as well as anger from the past that we may hold on to (especially in the throat chakra). Aquamarine teaches us not to fear change but to embrace it, especially in relation to the unknown before us. If you want to tap into more "go with the flow" energy, this is your perfect match.

Made with love and magic in Los Angeles!

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

Approx. .75-1.5" across - 17" chain

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