Meet the Reader - Ryan


Ryan is a teacher, reader, and healer of a variety of magical arts.  Through the use of his different reading modalities, such as Tarot, Bone-Reading, or I-Ching, Ryan will be able to provide direction, practical action and advice on steps to move forward. 

Divination through Tarot allows Ryan to interpret situations and glean what may be the underlying situation as well as ways to sway an outcome through action and ritual. 

From his culture, Ryan offers I-Ching reading that revolves around analyses from the Book of Change and provides guidance written by ancient Chinese oracles.  Ryan also offers bone readings where the scattering of curios, stones, and bones are interpreted in the context of a person’s inquiry.

Adept in ritual magic and spell work, Ryan provides straight forward guidance no matter what style of divination to help clients achieve their goals. 

Ryan is an Angeleno native exposed to an eclectic world of culture and magic.  From a young age and continuing into his adulthood, Ryan has been interested in working with traditional magics and herbs.  Even now, he considers himself a student and is voracious in learning from a variety of different modalities.  Studies in ritual work found in traditional Chinese worship and Hoodoo practices, and more lend Ryan a variety of different magical practices to also help those he sees for his sessions.

With this variety of readings, Ryan provides guidance on how we can best help the customer reach their highest good and purpose through whatever means available.