Meet the Healer - Erika

An empath and natural intuitive, Erika remembers seeing angels and communicating with her spirit guides as a child. Chalked up to an overactive dreamer's imagination, her connection to the unseen realms was not exactly understood or encouraged. As a result, it faded well before the time she entered adolescence.

Despite placing her focus on other artistic pursuits, she maintained a fascination with all things metaphysical, magical, and occult. After a series of "weird" synchronistic and psychic experiences in her early 30's, Erika went through a spiritual (re)awakening of sorts and has since devoted herself to spiritual practice and study.


She has an eclectic background, drawing on a broad range of knowledge and experience from different traditions and schools of thought, including the Western Mystery Tradition, Hermetic philosophy, New Thought, as well as more recent movements such as Access Consciousness.


An artist and writer, Erika gains a great deal of inspiration from time spent in nature. On social media, she shares regular snippets from her upcoming compilation book, Wisdoms of The Formerly Wilted, a collection of drawings, nature photos, intuitive observations, and channeled musings.


Erika has been reading energy and advising others for as long as she can remember. In addition to reading Tarot and Oracle cards, she is a Certified Angel Intuitive™ as well as a Certified Akashic Records Practitioner.

Her style of reading highlights action steps, allowing individuals to activate their own sense of power and personal responsibility as they move in the direction of their soul aligned desires. She believes we are all capable of magic.



15 minutes $45, 30 minutes $70, 45 minutes $90, and 60 minutes $100
Dream Interpretation
30 minutes $100, 45 minutes $125
Clairvoyant Readings
30 minutes $100, 45 minutes $125


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