Meet the Healer - Jillian

Jillian is an intuitive tarot reader, energy worker, healer and teacher. She draws on her own natural intuitive ability as a tarot reader incorporating her knowledge of Qabalah, Alchemy and Astrology. Her readings offer guidance and direction by helping you tap into your own intuitive knowing and wisdom. A reading with her will provide you with clarity, awareness and the potential to empower your life.

Meet HOI healer Jillian

Growing up in the Midwest surrounded by trees and wildflowers, Jillian's love of nature evolved from simple childhood enchantment to great admiration and gratitude. Those deep connections with nature lead her to work with plants as an herbalist and stones as a crystal healer. Crystal healing is a very personal exercise in connecting with nature through stones directly from the Earth herself. Crystal healing works to improve harmony, balance, energy flow, spiritual connection and well-being. She uses reiki in combination with the crystals to activate the natural healing processes of the body.

She is a witch, honoring the wise women and healers that came before her. In her magic she works with the elements of nature: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Spirit. She practices animism, seeing spirit in all things.  As a witch she taps into the wisdom and power within to reach the highest expression of herself and to be of service to others.
Jillian is a graduate of the School of Green Wisdom Herbal Studies, an IKYTA certified Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, Usui certified Reiki Healer, Reiki Well-Being certified Crystal Healer and a student of 22 Teachings School of Hermetic Science and Magical Arts.



15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and 60 minutes
Crystal Healer $150hr


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