Meet the Healer - Teri



Teri Anne is a natural born clairvoyant who has always suspected that she was a little different. As a child growing up she always knew certain information and saw things that other people didn’t know or couldn’t see. In her teen years the joke amongst her peers was that she was partially "psychic" because her dreams would come true within days. As a teen she had friends and even their parents come to her to seek her counsel and obtain her advice. Little did she know she was doing readings.


For the past 20 plus years she has had the opportunity to immerse herself in the world of spirit and become a direct divine channel to deliver messages to people who are going through transitions in their life. She has a myriad of Tarot and Oracle decks that she uses, but her favorite way to give information to people is to use her clairvoyant and clairaudience and share what is being revealed. She works with her Higher Self, the angles, goddesses, and the ascended masters, to bring about messages of hope, love, and give her clients the courage they need to change and to take that first step to living the life of their dreams. 


In Teri's own words: "I love inspiring others and helping them to align to their true purpose in life. We all have a role to play in creating the New Earth, and everyone’s role may be individual but vitally important to the whole."



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