Meet the Healer - Nabeel


Nabeel, Energy Healer, Tarot, Spiritual Teacher



A natural­-born intuitive & empath and a trained shaman, Nabeel is a skilled Tarot reader, energy healer and spiritual teacher. Using the Tarot to hone his intuitive gift, Nabeel offers in­-depth readings geared toward offering practical advice. His main focus is to empower clients to understand how they can make positive changes in their lives.


As a healer and shaman, Nabeel practices shamanic energy healing in the Incan medicine tradition to treat a variety of physical and psychological conditions. In addition to being initiated in the Incan medicine tradition, Nabeel has also been initiated into the Buddhist tradition of Vipassana (insight meditation). Nabeel combines shamanism, divination and Eastern Mysticism to help people heal, re­connect with Nature, and grow closer to the Great Spirit.