Meet the Healer - Oliver


Oliver the Bio Detective, B.E.S.T. Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique


Oliver “the Bio Detective” helps his clients look beyond the surface of the conscious mind & symptomology of the physical body by aligning them to the original wisdom of their own unconscious. Resolving self-sabotaging unconscious patterns is his specialty.


Oliver’s spiritual path accelerated during his college years at USC when a chiropractor who practiced BEST (Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique) introduced him to the fundamentals of holistic health. This influenced the future detective to practice Hatha & Kriya Yoga, and pranic healing for several years; but this did not abate a restlessness that would lead him to a health scare. He went back to his chiropractor and made a surprisingly swift recovery.


Finally understanding the unconscious mind’s role in health and even one’s destiny, Oliver became inspired to make the unconscious conscious. In 2006, he got certified in BEST. After quickly developing proficiency, his natural detective skills blossomed and helped his clients find subconscious issues that other practitioners miss. As a result, his clients have recovered from various mental traumas, phobias, and chronic symptoms. He has found that as long as a person’s condition hasn’t altered their anatomy (ie herniated disc) resolving issues at the unconscious level can be of significant help. He began his work with the House of Intuition in 2015.


What can you expect in a session with Oliver?

In short, you’ll reclaim positive feelings and truths about yourself that were lost during traumatic/stressful events in your life (or previous life).

How will he figure out issues that have become unconscious?

His reading style gives new meaning to “bowing to the guru’s feet.” Oliver actually reads your subconscious as it gives signals through your feet (while you’re wearing shoes).

After several hundred inquiries into people’s subconscious, Oliver has come up with this mission statement:

By evidence of the physical body, we can observe that the unconscious wants to incarnate (it wants to be real). Whether you’re aware of it or not, this unconscious force is more powerful than your waking consciousness. As the saying goes, "Called or not called, the god will be there."

If this intelligence gets blocked (through various traumas) it manifests in ways you don’t want: chronic symptoms, disturbing recurring thoughts/feelings, or recurring bad relationships. So I’ve made it my practice’s mission to help people clear interference at the unconscious level in order make the experience of incarnation as pleasant as possible.