Meet the Reader: Kelly

Kelly is a practitioner who uses different modalities such as Clair sentience and Clair audience in her readings. She incorporates Angel Oracle cards and Runes. Runes are a series of 25 ancient symbols that predate tarot and give a variety of answers based on the Runes casted and the positions in which they land. 

During her Runes and Angel Oracle readings she will incorporate crystals as they show her areas that need to be addressed, and as such she will also recommend crystals that will help with the situation at hand so that the client may be helped for their highest good.

Kelly is also a Celtic Healing Witch who incorporates candle magick, crystals, and sigils in her daily practice. These tools help her to incorporate her intuition to be guided by source and to be the vessel for the messages that are to be delivered.

Services offered:

  • Angle Oracle Readings
  • Runes Readings


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