Meet the Healer: Christa

Christa is an educator and a healer using Reiki, Tarot and Astrology to gently guide others toward empowerment and self-acceptance. She grew up in a chaotic household and has spent her life learning how to trust her spirit guides, her intuition and her discernment to create new, heart-centered possibilities. She used her sensitivity, inquisitiveness and imagination to earn her MFA in English, and became a writing instructor in Higher Education. After almost a decade in Academia, she made a huge life change by resigning from teaching and returning to her intuitive path.

Christa is Reiki certified and has received trauma-informed training to better serve herself and others. Her approach to Reiki is gentle and loving, acting as a channel for Reiki to move trapped energy that causes imbalances within the physical, emotional and mental bodies.

As an intuitive reader of the Tarot, Christa pursues ongoing education to become a clearer channel and communicator for her cards. She creates a safe space for open dialogue to illuminate blocks and obstacles that keep others from living their highest and best lives.

Christa discovered her natural gift of understanding the energy behind Astrology and planets as a teenager. She now practices soul-centered Astrology, examining birth charts* as an approach to self-acceptance and core healing. During an Astrology reading, Christa will examine the planetary placements in your birth chart that offer guidance for areas of life that are of most concern to you. To receive a 30 or 60-minute Astrology reading, please be ready to give the date, time and location of your birth. 

*Astrological birth chart reveal life lessons and soul plans at the time of you birth.


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