2021 Aries Birthday Box
2021 Aries Birthday Box

2021 Aries Birthday Box

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March 21 – April 19

As we mark the passage of time through the seasons, fulfilling your dreams this year starts with exploring and experimenting with new treasures, tools and talismans. We chose these items with the intention of helping you develop your intuition as you strive for a more harmonious and focused path ahead. More info

Aries Birthday Zodiac Magic Candle

It’s time to truly shine Aries, let your tenacity be felt. The sign of the Ram, an animal most known for always pushing forward, you are in charge as we step into your Solar Return. As the first Fire sign of the Zodiac, let the strength of your power be felt by all who come across your way. After Mars in Aries has gone through your sign most of last year, it has left you with the gift of showing up as your best self and embracing the courage that it takes in order to do so. Transform and transmute the troubles of the past into the heat you need to push forward toward your passions. Tap into your ambition as you enter into an amazing new year blessed with positive cosmic energy.


Curated Crystal Energy Set

Connect powerfully with Aries energy with this Curated Crystal Set. The magical combination of Fire Agate, Brecciated Jasper and Blue Tigers Eye makes this set a wonderful tool for aligning with the Aries pursuits of love, financial success and lucky new ventures. Representative of the flame of our spirit constantly burning within us, Fire Agate is a stone of willpower and purpose. This is a stone of action and inspires its human counterpart to not just "think" but "do". Brecciated Jasper symbolizes the variety that is within the World, and all the balance and grounding that Earth brings. Blue Tigers Eye, a stone of balance, will infuse you with newfound confidence to persevere through all obstacles and also the temperance to take a step back and breathe. Let this set be a trusted companion on your journey through inspiration and enterprise.


Lavender Essential Oil

Aries, a sign of fire and unbridled energy, does well when balanced with serene influences. Refreshing and relaxing, the sweet floral fragrance of Lavender can soothe the soul. Ruled by Mercury and the element Air, Lavender promotes peace, love and calm. Lavender is used to uplift spirits, elevate health, and manifest. Add to jojoba oil, almond oil or any carrier oil of your choosing to use on the body. You can also add to water in an oil diffuser, and to anoint during sacred rituals.


Tea Light Oil Burner

Release the fragrance of your pure essential oil on this perfectly sized Tea Light Incense Burner by filling the receptacle with water and adding 2-3 potent drops. Meditate and welcome in Aries energy as the sensory fragrance notes dissipate to energetically balance your aura and your sacred space.


Sage Herb Bundle

Impulsive energy is reset well with wisps of cleansing smoke. Sage has a fragrant aroma that helps activate the Third Eye and increases spiritual awareness. Draw in luck and loyalty with Sage, this delightful bundle brings high vibrational energy to your space, rituals, and crystals.


Mystery Mystical Ritual Tool

Delve into the magic of mystery, surprise and true alignment with this Mystical Ritual Tool specially curated for you by House of Intuition. Specifically chosen to energetically complement the exuberant energy of Aries and its revolutionary momentum, this ritual tool will journey with you as you lead with fiery awareness that inspires self-discovery in others.

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