2020 Limited Edition Box Set - House of Intuition


2020 Limited Edition Box Set

For a grand entrance into 2020, blaze your path with intention with House of Intuition’s Limited Edition 2020 Set. The richness of life in 2020 comes from imagining what your highest contributions are for the healing of you – and your community – as a whole. Allow your intuition to guide you as you pick up each item and place into your sacred space.

One way to start your ritual is to create an intention of what energy you want to clear, think about the highlights and depths of experiences and emotions you felt in 2019. Light your Sage & Rosemary smudge to clear your space. Meditate on 2019 and invite the energy you want to attract for 2020. Waft the smoke slowly around your space and aura with your intentions in mind, clearing and soothing your Spirit.

The House of Intuition 2020 New Years Magic Candle was created to help YOU achieve TRANSFORMATION through YOUR OWN INTUITION. It’s time to triumph over learned social constructs. Open your mind to breakthrough possibilities; cosmic energy will drive the restructuring of money, power and old institutions. Open your mind to bring radical new voices to the spotlight; think about the power of your voice. Open your mind to stay focused on healthy and empowering choices.

Unite with the Divine while holding the quintessential stone of love – the Rose Quartz is a gentle reminder for emanating love from self to partner, family, community, Earth, Universe and beyond. Stay focused on healthy and empowering choices. Manifest bold ideas to take better care of each other and Mother Earth.

With the Prosper Magic Dusting Powder, sprinkle it over all things money should bring – security, wealth and abundance. Unleash magic in a variety of ways by sprinkling over wallets, paperwork or anywhere you would like to invite prosperity.

One way to conclude your ritual is to spritz the Radiance Essential Spray throughout your sacred and everyday space to brighten the aura and amplify your inner light. The Radiance Essential Spray is also helpful to enhance self-esteem, boost confidence and uplift your mood.



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