Astrology 101: Intro to Birth Charts Series

In Astrology, birth charts reveal our unique patterning and soul’s evolution based on where planets and stars were at the time of our births. Join us for the first class in an 13-week series where we’ll spend an hour discussing the value of birth charts in personal and collective healing and deep and continued self-acceptance. In this class you’ll learn how to locate your birth chart and how planetary energy, signs, houses and aspects create the complex story of your being. Please have your birth details prepared (date, time and location) prior to class and bring a journal and pen to take notes.

This Zoom class takes place on Saturdays at 4:00PM to 5:00PM

Class 1: What's a Birth Chart & How To Use It (7/18)
Class 2: The Twelve Signs & Their Elements--Fire Signs (7/25)
Class 3: The Twelve Signs & Their Elements--Earth Signs (8/1)
Class 4: The Twelve Signs & Their Elements--Air Signs (8/8)
Class 5: The Twelve Signs & Their Elements--Water Signs (8/15)
Class 6: The Major Planets (8/22)
Class 7: The Minor Planets (8/29)
Class 8: The North & South Nodes: Cardinal Signs (9/5)
Class 9: The North & South Nodes: Fixed Signs (9/12)
Class 10: The North & South Nodes: Mutable Signs (9/19)
Class 11: The House System (9/26)
Class 12: Aspects (10/3)
Class 13: Putting it All Together (10/10)

If you purchased an online class, you will be receiving an additional email with Zoom meeting information within 30 minutes, so last minute class purchases may receive the link late. Please make sure you download the latest version of Zoom and that you enter the class before it starts, if it is your first time.

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