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Grandfather Sun Incense Cones with Herkimer Diamond Gem Essence

The strong, masculine, Yang energies that our radiant Grandfather Sun emanates are harnessed by this bold, robust blend of sacred herbs, to aid in balancing an excess of Yin, stagnant, or emotional energies. Copal, palo santo, frankincense, and patchouli give this blend a profound presence, sharpening awareness and stoking the fire within. The rich smoke from the resins in this blend has aided the healthy cultivation of inner strength, personal power, confidence, and courage for thousands of years among many indigenous

Herkimer Diamonds are said to be stones of strength. They symbolize empowerment and provide energy to create and manifest goals into being. They are alo strong amplifiers of energy, seeking to balance imbalances on all levels. This stone exalts the energies of these very sacred, ancient herbs ruled by the Sun.

*25 cones per package.

To burn a Higher Mind Incense™ cone, find your intention or prayer, then light for ten seconds with a lighter or matches. Place on a non-flammable metal, stone or glass burning surface, and enjoy.



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