SERIES MONDAYS | Tarot 102 with Chad

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In this series, HOI Teacher Chad will be going through the basics of tarot, teaching you the fundamentals behind card divination.




Week 1: Esoteric Tarot Connections (5/3)

In this class, we will be going through multiple practices and techniques that can be used in combination with tarot. We will be going over some of the critical correspondences with astrology, numerology, mythology, and more. 

Week 2: Exploring the Types of Tarot Spreads (5/10)

In this class, we will be exploring the different types of tarot spreads that you could use in your practice. We will be covering what spreads you should do when and what spreads are the most effective in certain situations. Learning these setups will take your tarot knowledge to new heights.

Week 3: Implementing Oracle Cards (5/17)

We will be exploring how you can add to your tarot interpretations by also adding in Oracle cards. Oracle cards are an excellent way to add more layers to reading, giving you an outside view of what other energies could be affecting a situation.

Week 4: Trusting Your Intuition - Reading for Other People (5/24)

 In this class, we will be applying the knowledge of what we’ve learned to look at how you can perform a tarot spread for another person. We will be going over protocol, things to look for, and how to protect your energy in a space where you're interpreting for someone else.

This tool can always be used to help others with situations they are going through based on what the cards reveal.


DISCLAIMER: These classes are inclusive for all learning levels. You do not need to take each class to understand the content of the next, however, it is highly recommended.

Please bring a journal and pen to take notes.

This class will be from 6pm-7pm PST.

If you purchased an online class, you will be receiving an additional email with Zoom meeting information within 30 minutes, so last minute class purchases may receive the link late. Please make sure you download the latest version of Zoom and that you enter the class before it starts, if it is your first time.

Contact for any questions and concerns related to online classes.

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