Dragon Stone Jasper Heart
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Dragon Stone Jasper Heart

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Much like the mythical creature for which the stone is named, Dragon Stone is a crystal of empowerment. This crystal helps one to feel unstoppable in the face of challenging circumstances. Also extremely rejuvenating for those feeling emotionally drained, Dragons Stone reminds us that to be our most powerful we also need to focus on our journey of personal healing and growth. More info

Crystals in a heart shape are great for calling in love of all types. Used over the heart chakra, they allow you to bring in the energies of the stone and dispel blockages related to love or heart healing. This shape can also be used for manifesting new love in your life and calling in more passionate energies. They make a wonderful totem, to carry with you throughout the day as a reminder that you are worthy of love and your divine place in the universe.

Chakra: Heart



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