Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box
Happy Birthday Virgo Box


Happy Birthday Virgo Box

Happy Birthday Virgo! Welcome to your birthday box, made by HOUSE OF INTUITION x Tatianna Tarot of NOLA.

Happy Birthday Virgo Collaboration with Tatianna Tarot

"Virgo, you are the epitome of Greatness, manifesting a divine mission to serve through your innate gifts and the ability to give your best. Wisdom and intellect is your nature with a cunning eye that never fails to see in between the lines. Your soul, an ancient one, pierces through the truth of all things, discerning the real. You live to create what is legendary and needed for the whole. Invoke the highest manifestation of yourself and your magic with this candle. Conjure forth clarity and vision on the legacy you will leave behind." - Tatianna Tarot

In the box:

House of Intuition x Tatianna Tarot Happy Birthday Virgo Magic Candle - 

Infuse this candle with your specific intentions and energy to empower yourself to get it done and thrive in your ambitions. This will support your vision with intense focus, insights from your spiritual guides and assist you in opening the roads for success.

Virgo Conjure Oil, made by Tatianna Tarot - 

Invokes the Mystic within; this Virgo Conjure Oil sharpens your self-awareness in all aspects of your life so you can raise your vibrations and manifest with ease while adding a dose of magical synchronicity.

HOI Coconut Cleansing Bath - 

In Spiritual Tradition of Ifa, we use Coconut to cleanse our heads where spiritual activity enters and our energy overall. This Bath is a quick and natural way to refresh, renew and restart your energy.

The Magician Tarot Box - 

Virgos get it done. The Magician lives with conviction and faith that it will get its desires done as well. Use this a reminder of your will power and ability to remove obstacles in your own life.

HOI White Copal Incense - 

Use this to help channel Ancestral Wisdom and get in the groove of communicating to Spirit overall while remaining protected.

Charcoal Tablets - 

The base to light and sustain the purification vibes of your Copal in your burner.

Black Kyanite - 

Align your Chakras, Receive Spiritual Downloads, Protect & Ground all at once. Black Kyanite is a phenomenal tool for those on a spiritual path.

The perfect birthday gift box; handmade with LOVE and MAGIC - House of Intuition style.

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