Himalayan Bath Salt


Carefully mined from deep within the Himalayan Mountains, Himalayan Pink bath salt is world-renowned and considered an absolute treasure. Himalayan bath salt is known as a –Jurassic” salt, formed during Prehistoric times from ancient sea beds that were pushed up into the mountain range and perfectly preserved by volcanic ash. Ancient Ocean Himalayan Pink Salt is considered by many to be the purest salt on earth.

Himalayan bath salt is brought to you straight from the source, from an ethically and ecologically approved vendor. Our Himalayan salt is food grade and also safe for consumption.

Characteristics: All-natural red & white speckled crystals, perfect for scenting, high mineral content, dry, food grade, Optically Clean

Uses: Bath Salts, Salt Scrubs, Aromatherapy, Crystal Potpourri, Soap, Spas

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