Lemurian Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace

House of Intuition Wrapped Necklaces are handmade with Copper Wire - a high conductor of energy - to delicately frame each selected stone.

The raw crystal piece is wrapped by hand with copper wire and includes a copper chain necklace.

Chakra: Crown


This extremely high vibrational variety of quartz is a powerful stone for promoting spiritual healing and clarity. Legend has it that this stone originated in Lemuria, an ancient civilization similar to Atlantis. Lemuria was populated by multidimensional, spiritually evolved beings. Lemurians lived in the vibrations of peace and love and were deeply connected to the earth. Before their time on the planet ended they left behind Lemurian crystals containing all the knowledge of the communal consciousness. Part of the reasons Lemurians are so attuned for love is because they understood the connection all living things have to one another. Because of this, Lemurian crystals are said to unlock a higher consciousness and ability to connect to the divine. The signature “barcode” found on the sides of this stone is said to be the barcode that unlocks the wisdom of both the past and the future leading to intense evolution. This is why these stones are known as “the master crystal” ideal for removing blockages, awakening inter-dimensional consciousness, and spiritual healing.

Made with love and magic in Los Angeles!

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.

Approx. .75-1.75" across - 17" chain



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