New Moon in Virgo Magic Candle - September 9, 2018

House of Intuition New Moon in Virgo Magic Candle is in collaboration with our very own HOI healer Andrew Martin.

For this month's New Moon candle, Andrew Martin blessed us with a beautiful ritual for this powerful New Moon in Virgo. Use this candle in your New Moon ritual.


Happy Virgo New Moon! Are you ready for a fresh start? After the intensity of the recent eclipse season, the Virgo New Moon is ready to help you turn the page. Virgo is happiest when focusing on helping others. This selfless nature makes them powerful healers, but too often they help at the expense of their own well being. You have a deep well of skills and knowledge within you. It offers a myriad of ways that you can be of service to others, but if you’re not including service to yourself on that list, then your vision is incomplete. When you show up as healthy and balanced as you can, everyone in your life benefits. Where can you find space to care more deeply for yourself? What dreams have you been putting on hold until “later”? Now is the time to make new choices. Virgo’s perfectionist nature can sometimes be overwhelming, so this doesn’t have to be changed on a massive scale. Start small, start where you are. Don’t overthink it, just find a place to start and take action. All great accomplishments have one thing in common. They begin right now.


Candles are lightly scented and dressed with crystals inside. Made with 100% all natural and sustainable palm wax.

Please note: Dressing the candle or moving it may disturb the wax and wick. For maximum magical results, do not blow the candle out - SNUFF IT OUT. For safety be careful when handling candle while burning, the glass can be hot to the touch. Keep away from reach of children and pets.



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