Rhodonite Pendulum

Radiating at the highest vibration of unconditional love, Rhodonite reminds us that 'love is a battlefield'. Relationships aren't always smooth sailing, which is why Rhodonite is here to soothe your heartache and dry your tears. If you're in a relationship that could use a little realignment, this stone is great for opening up heartfelt communication and compassion. If you're single and feeling the sting of a love that didn't go as planned, Rhodonite is here to comfort you through the healing process. Rhodonite energy allows us to forgive (whether it be ourselves or others) and accept that the universe has a bigger and brighter plan . Rhodonite lets us know that every relationship serves a purpose, and with every lesson, our heart grows wiser. Every step moves us closer to the love we truly want and deserve.

The pendulum is the easiest method of divination, based on YES or NO answers.

A pendulum is a pivot-weight suspended object to allow it to swing freely. The regular motion of pendulums was used for timekeeping from Galileo Galilei's first scientific investigations of the pendulum around 1602 and was the most accurate timekeeping technology in the world until the 1930s.

Do we get answers through magic? Through spirits? By the power of psychology? The pendulum of dowsing works by connecting us to the unconscious mind, also known as the Akashic records. By influencing the nerve endings in our fingers causing the pendulum to swing in response, our unconscious mind responds when we ask a question. In other words, our body expresses our inner knowledge externally.

Rhodonite pendulum on a chain.

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form

Approx. 1"



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