Rose Quartz Window Stone (Seer Stone)

Rose Quartz Window Stone

Rose quartz is a thoughtful embrace in the form of a crystal. The fact that it is known as the stone of Unconditional love makes it ideal for manifesting love of all kinds. This does not simply mean romantic love but also, platonic, self and universal love as well. Extremely beneficial when trying to rid oneself of old resentments you may be harboring in order to more fully give and receive love. Rose quartz inspires one to be more nurturing towards themselves and strengthens the bonds of love we have in our lives.

Seer stones also known as window stones contain an entire spiritual world within them. Their unique appearance is a result of their origin. Naturally tumbled by the flowing waters of a river bed - one side is then polished to reveal the beauty of the crystal within. The “windows” make these stones an excellent tool for meditation as it opens up a world beyond ourselves. Hold on to one, imagine yourself surrounded by the calm healing waters of a river and wait for the messages the universe has for you. 

Chakra: heart  

Size/shape may vary due to each stone being unique in color and form.




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