Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle
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Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle

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Our 100% certified organic sage and wildflower bundles are sustainably grown in California and handmade with love. Each contains the powerful energies of the sun, wind, rain, and Earth, along with the essences of their unique flower combinations, to bring your mind and soul back into harmony. They’re a magical way to clear your physical and energetic spaces, inviting in more balance, fostering energetic protection and raising your vibration.

How to Use: 

  1. Light the tip of the Sage + Wildflower Organic Smudge Bundle until it catches aflame (Note: Leave the string on as that will help keep its shape)
  2. Allow the Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle to stay aflame for 5-15 seconds
  3. Blow out the flame once 5-15 seconds has passed so you’re left with just the embers and smoke
  4. Starting from the back of your space and with windows open, walk through your space and with your free hand, feather, or fan, move the smoke coming from the Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle (Alternatively you can also place your Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle onto a heat proof receptacle lined with salt to catch the ash instead of holding the Sage Bundle)
  5. Bear in mind, the Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle may stop smoking over time so relight as needed
  6. Once you have walk through and smoked your space to your satisfaction, place the Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle onto a heatproof receptacle, if you haven't done so already, to allow it to naturally go out on its own or snuff it out in salt
  7. We recommend cleansing your space with the Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle every so often or as needed, depending on your needs and desire

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