SERIES WEDNESDAYS | Astrology 102: Integrations with Chad

In this series, HOI Teacher Chad will be going through the integrating the fundamentals of Astrology into practical application. 

Week 1: North Node & South Node: The Points of Destiny (2/24)
In this class we will be learning about the Nodes in astrology. These are the points that indicate our destiny as well as our past lives. These are two of the most important aspects in all of astrology. 

Week 2: Decans: The Three Levels in Each Zodiac Sign (3/3) In this class we are going to be exploring the subdivisions of each zodiac sign and what energy influences each part of your chart. Seeing how each planet subsection gives more context to each degree in astrology.

Week 3: Aspects: How the Planets Interact (3/10) We will be exploring the different aspects and how they work: conjunctions, trines, squares, oppositions, and more! These relationships are relevant within the birth chart as well as in reading and interpreting transits.

Reading a Birth Chart - Applying Your Knowledge (3/17) In this class we are going to be applying the knowledge of what we’ve learned to look at your own chart and even create a mini daily horoscope for yourself. This is a tool that can always be used to see what’s going on in your personal life based off of your astrology.

Please bring a journal and pen to take notes.

This class will be from 6pm-7pm PST.

If you purchased an online class, you will be receiving an additional email with Zoom meeting information within 30 minutes, so last minute class purchases may receive the link late. Please make sure you download the latest version of Zoom and that you enter the class before it starts, if it is your first time.

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