Shamanic Energy Healing with Nabeel

Please call (213) 413-8300 to book this healing service.

Shamanic Energy Medicine is an indigenous healing technique that clears your energetic blockages, balances your chakras and extracts intrusive entities or harmful energies.

Practiced by the Incas for thousands of years, Shamanic Energy Healing treats your luminous energy field to solve physical & psychological problems at their root cause.

First, the healer will use their hands to examine your energy field, determining which chakras need work. Then, the healer will invite the Guardians of the Four Winds to open your chakras, clear out any blockages, and illuminate the chakras with vital energy channeled through the healer’s hands.

A Shamanic Energy Healing session is a powerful experience that will calm the mind, relax the body, soothe emotions and heal the spirit, all while offering practical insight into the nature of your challenges and how you can overcome them.

Clients leave a session feeling empowered, protected, and energized. 



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