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The Queen Mother (Small Box)

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We curated together some of our most nurturing spiritual tools to help you tap into your Divine Feminine energy, feel unconditional love and support.

The Queen Mother Box includes the You are Loved Magic Candle, Mermaid Tea Bath, Rose Quartz Bracelet, The Moon Arcana Skin Mystic Organic Toner, Organic Sage +Wildflower Herb Bundle and Abalone Shell to help you nurture and soak up some much needed relaxation.

Suggested Sacred Ritual:
Light your Organic Sage + Wildflower Organic Bundle to cleanse and infuse your space with higher vibrations. Waft it around you gently to uplift your aura, you can leave it to burn out safely in an abalone shell or heat proof receptacle with some sea salt inside. While smoke cleansing your space and aura, think about what energies you seek to remove so that you can make space for the energy you want to invite in for yourself and your loved ones. Once the energy has lifted, it is time to ignite the You Are Loved Magic Candle to open you up to all the love that is abundant in your life. You generously give so much - it’s time to let yourself receive! It will amplify beautiful blessings and gratitude. Once you light the candle, you can focus all of your energy into visualizing what it is you desire. This will enable you to clearly see the abundance in your life that has always been there, and welcome more in. Luxuriate in the Mermaid Tea Bath and its rejuvenating mix of minerals and herbs to delight your skin. Draw yourself a bath, a foot soak, or even sprinkle some on the floor to release relaxing fragrance while you shower and create a self-care ritual.

THE MOON ARCANA MYSTICS SPRAY is perfect after cleansing, to refresh and calm both your skin and psyche, with soothing organic ingredients and crystal energy that promote serenity and balance. The Moon is the essence of your inner, intuitive world of emotions, helping you dive within your own subconscious and inner knowing to uncover more balance from within. The Howlite contained within the spray carries the energy of dreams and inner expansion, helping you raise your vibration to ease stress and tension, promoting serenity and calm.

The ultimate Stone of Love, Rose Quartz is a heart expander and healer that brings loving energy into the forefront of your awareness whenever you need it. Wear this high-grade lustrous ROSE QUARTZ AMULET BRACELET as a symbol of the love that emanates from you and is tenderly reflected back at you.

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