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The Sun King Box (Small Box)

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This box has been carefully curated to guide you from within as you tap into your limitless personal power, energy and rays of wisdom to nobly manifest with momentum.

This Sun King Box includes the Abundance Magic Candle, Mini Sage Bundle, Sun Matches, The Sun Arcana Mystics Spray and Black Obsidian Crystal.

Suggested Sacred Ritual:

It starts with a spark. House of Intuition Sun Matches were created specifically for sacred smoke cleansing and magic candle use. The Sun represents the greatest reflection of ourselves, as it is our soul’s truest and most authentic identity. It is the source of all life on Earth and its abundance flows infinitely.

Light your Sacred MiniHerb Bundle to cleanse and clear your space of any unwanted or negative vibrations. Waft it around you gently to clear your energy. Let the smoke clear your mind and spirit, feel it fortify you with strength.

Once the energy has lifted, it’s time to light The Sun King Magic Candle. The Sun is our Divine Light. Source of Creativity and Creation, bringing vitality and color to our world. Uplifting, regenerating, empowering - the Sun, like YOU - always rises. Ignite this candle with flame to open yourself up to the endless abundance that revolves around you. Envision all that you desire to create your world with innate knowledge that you are The King of your Universe. Pull in with your gravitational forcefield boundless endurance, determination and strength. With the shine you naturally emanate, see and revel in the blessings of your life that have steadfastly been there. Active visualization and concentration is profoundly illuminated when channeled through your Highest Self.

The Sun Arcana Mystics Spray is perfect after cleansing, to refresh and calm - your skin, psyche, and aura - with soothing organic ingredients and crystal energy that promote rejuvenation. The Sun is the essence of your magnetic, radiant self, encouraging the energy of joy, success and abundance in all areas in your life. The Blue Quartzite contained within the spray carries the energy of creative expression, helping you communicate & shine your brilliant self out to the world.

This Black Obsidian Crystal is a powerful stone that provides a benevolent force field to cleanse you and your surroundings, filling it with only the energy you want to surround yourself in. Black Obsidian is a powerful protector. This combination of earth and fire create a grounding stone that burns through any tension one may be holding in their body. Obsidian works like a shield around you, deflecting any negative energy you may come across and keeping it out of your aura. The naturally reflective surface works like a mirror, forcing us to also look within to see the negative tendencies we may be holding on to. The sheen of obsidian also works like a screen, projecting visions and intuitive messages onto the surface making it ideal for meditation.

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