Womb Healing and Activation with Tanya

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A woman’s Womb is her Center of Power, her connection to the Earth and to the Cosmic Mother, a place where the Divine Feminine resides. It holds the potential and knowledge to birth profound new creations beyond just the physical – it allows women to create on a mental, emotional, psychic and soul level.


This sacred space embraces ALL experiences, holds the energetic signatures of our ancestors, and holds every imprint of our emotions, including joy, pleasure, trauma and our deepest grief. When we do not fully express, explore and release these emotions, we lose part of our Self. Our connection to our life force and to the creative power of our Womb diminishes and becomes blocked.


The Womb Healing & Activation is a Healing Ritual and Energetic Transmission to honor this sacred space and reconnect women to their center of power (or its energy body, if it has been surgically removed.) We will work on reawakening the Womb and helping her “remember” her soul purpose while reactivating that link to the Universal Womb and Source of all creation.  By removing stagnant energy, blockages and anything that is no longer serving your highest purpose, we will bring harmony and balance back into your being.


This work is empowering for all women and of special importance for those that have suffered trauma, sexual abuse, experienced miscarriage and/or abortion and anyone that is feeling disempowered or disconnected from their true nature.


When we heal the Womb, we heal ourselves; as we heal ourselves the planet heals.


2 hour session $165



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